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Swim 1 :


This swim is near to the cabin its shaded in the morning and is sunny the rest of the day. The water is deep close in.

This swim allows you to fish the left of the lake which is not accessible from any of the other swims.

Swim 2 :

This swim is on the dam wall can get very hot. Plenty of open water to fish also over hanging trees to the right of the lake. This swim is next to the cabin and near to the toilet for easy access. 

Swim 3 :

This swim is in the middle of the lake it is mostly in the shade until the afternoon the

lake is quite deep in this area where it is spring fed.

There is also overhanging trees around the swim.


This swim is the furthest from the cabin and toilet the swim is mostly in the shade apart from afternoons. 

This end of the lake is shallower with open water and reeds to the right. On the other side of the lake there is over hanging trees and bushes.

Swim 4 :






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